Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Beginning-weekly update post #1

Welcome to by blog! A place where cats get exactly what they deserve: a little respect. Even though cats are America's #1 companion, there are 10 million more cats then dogs in the U.S. alone, they are under-appreciated. In fact, cats are taken to the vet less then dogs! That doesn't seem right! What are we cats to think but that the people we care for think that they can just throw us away like last night's fish! Well, I want to make a difference... oh... wait, I haven't officially introduced myself! I am The Little Black Cat, your author. Anyways, as I was saying, I want to make a difference and spread the word that things are gonna change, they have to. So soak in what I've written and maybe even join the fight. At the end of each article I include a little of my opinion on the topic. And I'm warning you now, that sometimes... well... I lose my temper a little bit. If you're wondering why this post is comming out now, after three other posts already, well let me explain. This is the "site update" post. Every week I plan to have one post that talks about what the CATalyst Council is doing and what I have put on the site in the past week. I will tend to post these at the end of each week so that I won't miss anything. This week, for example I put up a mews box where loyal readers can post little comments and get in touch with me better then with the comment system. I will also post small updates in there, these updates will also be mentioned in the weekly post. I also put up a re-tweet button. If you're on twitter and like what I've written please re-tweet me! Today's news on the CATalyst efforts is the announcement of the ten cat-friendliest cities in America. Since someone's always announcing a dog list why not do a cat one?  Just always remember: it's all about the CAT!

~the little black cat =^.^=


  1. Here are my suggestions for 8 of the Top Ten Cat-Friendliest Cities of America:-

    Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Berkeley, Culver City, and Burbank and West Hollywood...

    All are cities where declawing is now banned in law.

    Yay California!

    Happy Easter to Little Black Cat :)

    Whicky Wuudler

  2. Happy Easter to you too Whicky! It's really amazing that the people are making a stand about declawing. My gramfur was declawed by her owner and eventually when she got lost didn't have the tools she could've used to survive. I also think that with a little more education her owner would not have declawed her.

    ~the little black cat